Residential & Commercial


Pool equipment that functions properly is key to your pool’s enjoyment.

Our service department specializes in diagnosing pool equipment issues, the installation of new pool equipment, and the repairing of existing pool equipment. We are qualified to install and repair the following pool and spa equipment – pool pumps, pool filters, pool lighting, pool heaters, salt systems, chemical controls, air blowers, automation systems and much more!.


Our team is highly trained on all aspects of pool equipment and can diagnose the condition of your equipment, troubleshoot, and make recommendations on what the best course of action is. Our maintenance technicians will visually check your equipment and report any visual issues or problems as part of your weekly maintenance.

Repair & Replacement

When your equipment is in need of repair, we can handle your pool equipment repair from start to finish. As an authorized warranty station of major pool equipment brands, we are able to provide quick warranty services if needed.

New Installation

Our team can help advise you and help you choose the best equipment for your pool. From pool pumps to salt systems to new automation systems, we can install pool equipment to upgrade your pool and make your swimming experience more enjoyable.