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A pool renovation can be a simple facelift, or it can be a whole lot more. No matter how old your pool is or what the design is, we can turn it into the stunning new area you’ve been dreaming about. When your existing swimming pool needs more than basic service or repair, let Pure Water Pools of Naples give it a total transformation. Pool renovation projects can also include equipment upgrades, like adding a salt chlorination system or automation systems. Our company is committed to providing every client with the best possible renovation experience.

Considering a renovation for a commercial or residential pool? Be sure to hire a licensed and insured company like ours!

Considering a renovation for a commercial or residential pool? Be sure to hire a licensed and insured company.


Pool surfaces often wear down with age, and a renovation may be needed if your pool’s surface is experiencing cracks, stains, or wear spots — or if you simply want to update your pool with a new aesthetic. Resurfacing can make your pool look brand new and provide for an increase in its value. Various surfaces ranging in color and texture are available to suit your personal style.


There are a variety of tile color and style options available for you to customize the look of your pool. From glass, stone, and porcelain to mosaic, new tile can modernize your pool to suit your design vision.

Coping & Decking

Replacing or renovating your pool deck can transform your entire backyard space. Our team can assist you with choosing from a variety of materials for coping & decking to suit your preferences.

Pool Lining

Over time, pool liners can fade, leak, or become brittle. We can help you update and modernize your pool lining on its own or as part of a full renovation project.

Signs That It's Time for a Pool Renovation

Renovations become necessary when swimming pool owners notice various signs of deterioration in their inground pool and the surrounding pool deck area. For example, pool resurfacing might be needed if the pool surface is rough, stained, or chipped. Additionally, worn-out pool equipment and outdated features can indicate that a pool renovation project is due. 

Cracks in the pool finish, faded pool tiles, and outdated aesthetics also signal the need for a pool remodel, as are water chemistry issues, leaks, and inefficient pool equipment. By recognizing these signs and acting promptly, pool owners can revitalize their existing pool and make the entire pool area look brand new.

Collaborating with a professional renovation team like ours ensures that the renovation project is executed perfectly — breathing new life into the pool and enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

The Benefits of Renovating a Pool

When considering a pool renovation, there are several benefits you should keep in mind. It goes without saying, but a well-executed renovation can greatly improve the aesthetics and functionality of your pool. Pool owners can also enhance their outdoor living experience by adding elements like travertine decking, new tile, and updated pool lighting.

A professional pool renovation can also address safety concerns by updating worn-out pool equipment and enhancing the structural integrity of the pool and its surroundings. Moreover, new materials and technology can lead to improved water chemistry and energy efficiency — reducing maintenance costs in the long run. By installing modern features like waterfalls, water features, and spas, a renovated pool area can provide a renewed sense of relaxation and luxury.

We Renovate Pools in the Following Florida Regions:

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  • Marco Island
  • North Naples
  • Estero
  • Bonita Bay
  • Golden Gate
  • Lely Resort

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A pool renovation done with top-notch craftsmanship can increase the value of your property, revitalize your outdoor spaces, and provide you with a haven for relaxation that will last for years to come. At Pure Water Pools of Naples, our family business is dedicated to providing quality services so that clients like you can have confidence that your pool restoration is in the hands of experts.

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How do you modernize an old pool?

There are several steps that can be taken to modernize an old swimming pool, transform its outdated appearance, and enhance its functionality. Pool renovation can begin with pool resurfacing to rejuvenate the worn-out pool surface and apply a fresh pool finish. Updating the pool deck with materials like travertine decking not only improves aesthetics but also ensures safety.

Adding contemporary features such as water features, hot tubs, and energy-efficient pool equipment can elevate the pool area’s appeal. Incorporating modern pool lighting and technological advancements enhances night-time aesthetics and usability. A pool renovation project can completely transform an old inground pool into a revitalized and luxurious backyard oasis.

Is pool remodeling a good investment?

Yes, pool remodeling is a worthwhile investment for various reasons. Beyond the immediate aesthetic benefits, a professionally executed pool renovation can significantly increase the value of your property.


Potential buyers are often attracted to homes with updated and well-maintained outdoor spaces, including swimming pools. Moreover, a renovated pool area equipped with modern features such as spa areas, waterfalls, and energy-efficient pool equipment can appeal to a broader range of potential buyers. 

Additionally, a pool renovation can help address safety concerns, reduce maintenance costs with improved water chemistry and energy efficiency, and extend the overall lifespan of the pool. A professional pool remodel can provide both immediate enjoyment and long-term financial returns.

What's the difference between a pool renovation and a pool installation?

The main distinction between a pool renovation and a pool installation lies in the scope of work and the existing conditions. A pool renovation involves revitalizing an existing pool. It includes tasks like pool resurfacing, updating the pool deck, upgrading pool equipment, and adding new features to enhance the pool area. 

On the other hand, a pool installation refers to building a completely new pool from scratch. This process entails excavating the site, installing the pool shell, plumbing, and electrical work. While a pool renovation works with the existing structure, a pool installation starts from scratch.

What questions should you ask before a pool renovation project?

Before embarking on a pool renovation project, asking the right questions can ensure a successful outcome. Start by asking about the range of services we provide, including pool resurfacing, tile replacement, and pool deck upgrades. Seek a detailed estimate that outlines the costs involved, including any potential unforeseen expenses.

Discuss the use of quality materials and their durability, especially for elements like travertine decking and pool tiles. Inquire about the timeline for the renovation project and the availability of the team to avoid unnecessary delays. Clarify any concerns about permits, warranties, and the cleanup process. Gathering this information ensures that the pool renovation is executed to your complete satisfaction and transforms your pool area into a top-notch outdoor space you’ll enjoy for many years.